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Your Digital Contact Card

The easiest & fastest way to share your contact information.

1-QR Code or 1-Tap is all what you need to share your contacts information with anyone.

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Worktime from Playtime

With 1Me, you can have unlimited number of contact cards. You can choose contact information to be included in each card, and then choose whom you will share each card with.

This is best to separate between your business and personal contact information.


Personalized Profile Page

Get control of how others will see your contact info page with many customization options. Customize colors, cover photo, and much more. Add your photo for more personalization and even control the order of the contact info on the page.


1Me Network

Build your always-updated contacts’ network 

If you and your contacts are 1Me users, then you can be added to each other’s network, this will keep each of you updated whenever someone changes contact info.

1Me is always keen on your privacy though, so you will have full control of which contact info you want to share with your network connections. Once your contacts download 1Me, they will always receive updates from you if you change any contact details, like changing work or mobile numbers.


You don’t have to do it the old way to send everyone in your contact list the new information.

Your contacts will only receive updates for the information you shared with each one of them specifically. And don’t worry if your friends don’t download 1Me App, they still can do all of that by visiting your 1Me profile online.

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Learn How 1Me Works for You

When we built 1Me, we kept in mind our modern lifestyles,

to make sure 1Me can be useful for everyone

Growing Integrations

Add your contact info from any of our growing list of providers and partners

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